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Numbers and Nonsense from

The website prides itself on knowing Numbers, with a large portion of the posts relating to statistics in some way, though it also publishes a large amount of Social Justice Warrior material, often Number-related. For example, there is Hayley Munguia’s hilariously … Continue reading

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The Billionaire and the Workers

The following dialogue was inspired by a story, not too uncommon, about two groups, quite different, who are united by a common cause, or so one wants the other to believe. Billionaire: “Workers! You must strike, you are being exploited … Continue reading

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Why Feminists Want “Affirmative Consent”

“Affirmative consent” reminds me of the talks my preschool teacher would have with the class. “Don’t play with someone else’s toy unless they give you permission first,” ect. “Consent” seems to me like something which ought to be very simple … Continue reading

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A critique of ‘The Myth of American Meritocracy’

I never believed Ron Unz’s Myth of American Meritocracy article and am alarmed by the number of people across the alt-Right who cite it uncritically. It was cited recently in an article by Anatoly Karlin and was cited uncritically by Kevin MacDonald … Continue reading

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Japan and America: Ageing and Workforces

Back in August I posted “The Age Dependency Ratio in Six Countries,” which pointed out that despite Japan’s more aged population it had a higher employment to total population ratio. This post is a more in depth comparison. In terms of … Continue reading

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