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Homosexual Marriage and the “Mainstream” Right

The supreme court ruled today that homosexual marriage is now a “constitutional right.” We all saw it coming. This post is about how the official right, mainstream right, neocon right or whatever you want to call it will respond. Above … Continue reading

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Homosexual Marriage: why my generation supports it.

I am a college student. Why does my generation so overwhelmingly support homosexual marriage? Part of it is the fact that we are very impressionable and the media tells us we are bigots if we oppose it. But this isn’t … Continue reading

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Luxury Tax

The Luxury tax is usually advocated as a way to increase government revenue. When a luxury tax was enacted in 1991 most of it was repealed two years later because it did not raise the expected government revenue. I support … Continue reading

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Multiple Personalities: John Dolan and Gary Brecher

John Dolan is a Berkely educated American academic. He is undoubtedly smart and a talented writer. But he is also a hypocrite, a liar, and an academic fraud. This essay explores Dolan’s creation of a character for himself: that of ‘Gary … Continue reading

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“I married a Jew” in the Atlantic Magazine

Reading a 1939 article published in the Atlantic called “I married a Jew,” I was struck by how similar the complaints about Jews in 1939 are to the complaints about Jews today. The article was written by an anonymous German American … Continue reading

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Average Number of Sexual Partners

Back in January Bryan Caplan analyzed the General Social Survey to look at the average number of sexual partners reported(Caplan, 2015). Here is a chart showing the responses of men: He said it was unlikely that men were under-reporting their number … Continue reading

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Will Money be Banned?

From 1990 until the present day the crime rate in Sweden changed little, the murder rate, the most reliable of crime statistics, has increased slightly.(Wikipedia, 2015) Throughout that time, the proportion of immigrants in Sweden has continually increased. Of the … Continue reading

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