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Abortion uber alles

There’s a big argument over at National Review about the correct attitude toward’s single mothers. NR writer Heather McDonald decries “normalization” of single motherhood, while most of the commenters disagree. There is much talk of using culture or government policy … Continue reading

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Abortion and the “Mainstream” Right.

Lion has a good point about Abortion: I personally am mystified by why white people put being anti-abortion over other more important issues. It’s not like anyone is being forced to have an abortion. I can see why SWPLs/bobos are … Continue reading

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National Review’s Dishonest Attack on Margaret Sanger

Ian Tuttle is a National Review writer and cuckservative. Today he published an article about abortion. The article reads like a $PLC hit piece. The article begins with the usual how dare they argument against Sanger for supporting eugenics. He does … Continue reading

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