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Transgenderism: From Joke to Dogma

It was not long ago that one could make a joke out of the idea of transgenderism without being a Bigot. Referring to Black Republican and convicted shoptlifter Claude Allen, Black writer Trey Ellis wrote the following in the Huffington Post: … Continue reading

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Sign the Petition to Reclassify Jews as non-White

Gil Steinlauf, a Rabbi and a Usual Suspect, wrote an article for the Washington Post, modified from a “sermon” he gave, about how Jews are morally superior to gentiles and how they should stop being White. He writes that Jews … Continue reading

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First Names

When I worked a prole job I referred to my boss by his/her first name. I’ve read that this has become common in corporate America. It’s common on blogs. And now we are seeing it in the presidential campaign: “Hilary,” … Continue reading

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The Gender Ratio at Elite Universities

57% of college students are female. This is often cited as a cause of the “hook up culture.” I used the USNew’s list of universities by ranking and the data supplied by them to create this list of top universities … Continue reading

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The Myth of the Man Deficit, a Refutation of John Birger’s “Date-onomics”

Much of social science consists of making theories of whether Event A causes Event B. It can be hard to prove, and hard to disprove, these causalities. But the first step any social scientist should make if he is going … Continue reading

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Sephardi/Mizrahi Success

[** Edit 9/21/2015 It has been pointed out to me in the comments that Serge Haroche is in fact half Ashkenazi and half Moroccan, not simply Moroccan as I state in this post **] A number of patterns recur throughout … Continue reading

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I watched Syfy’s Ascension miniseries, which is about a supposed “generation ship” that secretly left earth in the 1960s and is, in the present day, in the middle of it’s journey. The premise was interesting but the characters were rather boring, … Continue reading

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