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*Locked In*

Locked In is a book by John F. Pfaff, a Professor of Law at Fordham, subtitled “the True Causes of Mass Incarceration and How to Achieve Real Reform.” In Locked In, Pfaff critiques the current “criminal justice reform” movement, pointing … Continue reading

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Felons and Labor Force Participation

How hard is it for a felon(or “ex-felon,” they retain the title after their release, indeed, many were never incarcerated in the first place) to get a job? There’s no clear answer, but the effect seems to be considerable, going … Continue reading

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The Soviet Prosperity Argument

You often hear, from libertarian types and others, that America has never been richer, never been safer, never has it had so little poverty. Nothing to worry about, they say, all the doomer-type rhetoric from the far-Left and the far-Right … Continue reading

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The Black Market for Marijuana Still Exists Where it Has Been Legalized

An article at the Atlantic reports that the black market for marijuana still exists in states where it has been legalized. Along with the usual anti-White lies, the article attributes the black market to the high taxes on marijuana in the … Continue reading

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Vox on Teenagers

Vox☭ has an article about the behavior of today’s teenagers, which it contrasts with the behavior of yesteryears teenagers. Today’s teens, my generation, are less likely to have sex, do drugs, drink alcohol, and fight. The article doesn’t really propose … Continue reading

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Lie Detection

We have “lie detectors” now but they are unreliable and border on pseudoscience.(McInnes, 2015) But what if in the future someone creates a brain scan lie detector that is 99.95% accurate? I’m not saying this is going to happen. If it did, it … Continue reading

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Will Money be Banned?

From 1990 until the present day the crime rate in Sweden changed little, the murder rate, the most reliable of crime statistics, has increased slightly.(Wikipedia, 2015) Throughout that time, the proportion of immigrants in Sweden has continually increased. Of the … Continue reading

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