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Will the Libertarians Learn This Time?

The Libertarians have long claimed that if only they had media access and status as a major party, they’d be able to win. They are fans of using a few questions on polls to claim that everyone who scores as … Continue reading

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Libertarianism, Fraud, and Under-Regulation

Libertarians, with the exception of the most loony “anarcho-capitalists,” recognize that the government should prevent theft and fraud. “Your right to swing your fist,” they say, “ends where my nose begins.” But they ignore how often this type of situation … Continue reading

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Varying the Cost of Capital

I used to have somewhat libertarianish views on economics. I never believed in “abolishing public schools” or any of that type of nonsense, but I accepted the libertarian/conservative claim that the “free market” was the most efficient economic system and … Continue reading

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Value Transference in the Private Sector

“Value Transference” is a term which is used(coined?) by Lion of the Blogosphere. The term can be best defined relative to the commonly used term value creation. While value creation means creating value, value transference is economic activity that involves … Continue reading

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