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Don’t Believe This Fake News About America’s Government Owned Oil And Gas Resources

Zoltan Istvan, a Libertarian candidate for governor of California, claimed in a podcast on The Stark Truth that the federal government owns lands worth “around 150 trillion dollars.” Listening to it I almost instantly knew it was BS. With America’s … Continue reading

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Alt-Right Cliches

Race is the foundation of identity This was in the alt-right “meta-political manifesto” and reflects a classic blind-spot among White nationalists. In American Renaissance a statement which may seem similar is claimed in the “about us” page: Race is an … Continue reading

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Changing My Mind About Race and IQ

Changing one’s mind is something everyone likes in theory, though much fewer actually do, when on the internet a pundit tells you about how he changed his mind about something, it will likely be a tale of a long ago … Continue reading

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