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Kyle Smith, Fraudster

Recently a millennial Yelp employee named “Talia Jane” wrote a bizarre letter to Yelp’s CEO whining about her low salary. Yet, however bad the letter was, this ‘conservative’ reaction was worse. NY Post writer Kyle Smith has no sympathy for … Continue reading

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More on GOP Delegate Allocation by State

David Wasserman wrote an article in FiveThirtyEight about the GOP’s delegate allocation rules. He points out that: (…)Under RNC rules, Republican voters in heavily Democratic districts (like Nancy Pelosi’s in San Francisco) select just as many delegates as those in heavily … Continue reading

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Abortion uber alles

There’s a big argument over at National Review about the correct attitude toward’s single mothers. NR writer Heather McDonald decries “normalization” of single motherhood, while most of the commenters disagree. There is much talk of using culture or government policy … Continue reading

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Nonsense from

Back in November of last year, a “project of the Cato Institute,” published an article titled “Putting Income Inequality in Perspective.” It claims that if you “make more than $32,400 per year, you are in the top 1 percent … Continue reading

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Billionaires are Worse

One of the arguments for cutting taxes on the wealthy is that the government does harmful things with the money like giving it to social justice warriors, so its loss is a good thing. But funding gender studies departments has gotta … Continue reading

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Maybe They Were Reading My Blog…

Almost a month ago I wrote a blog post about the San Bernardino attack, noting two witnesses who said they saw “three White men” at the scene, one who supposedly saw them carrying out the massacre. I asked why the mainstream … Continue reading

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Honesty in National Review

I’ve commented before about National Review’s dishonesty, today they published a quite revealing article about “conservatism.” In response to the frequent question “what has conservatism ever done for us,” cuckservative Charles C Cooke lists many achievements. Among them was a … Continue reading

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