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The Big Stories: Exist Polls in 2016

Polls Here. The media’s big story is about education, Trump lost College graduates(who Romney won) and won non-college graduates, who Romney lost. The reason is the media is emphasizing this is obvious, it’s a “subtle” way of implying Trump voters … Continue reading

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If Trump Loses, Don’t Blame NeverTrumpers for Sitting It Out

If Kasich, Bush, or another of the cuckervatives runs, it may be prudent to, in the course of convincing people to vote against them, blame them for Hillary Clinton’s presidency. Point out how both of them got on that stage, … Continue reading

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Kasich as a spoiler for Trump?

I keep hearing people say that Kasich is a “spoiler” for Trump. That would be true if Cruz’s goal was to win the most votes, but that’s not his goal. His path to the nomination is to deny Trump the … Continue reading

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GOP Delegate Allocation by Congressional District

I was wrong about voters in ‘Red America’ having disproportionate voting power in the Republican primaries. This is due to the fact that, as David Wasserman pointed out last November, congressional districts are allocated the same number delegates no matter how … Continue reading

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GOP Exit Polls by State

Exit polls usually have high margins of error, meaning the 5 or 6 percent difference between one group or another may not be statistically significant. You can tell it is when you find it consistently, across states. CNN has exit polls … Continue reading

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More on GOP Delegate Allocation by State

David Wasserman wrote an article in FiveThirtyEight about the GOP’s delegate allocation rules. He points out that: (…)Under RNC rules, Republican voters in heavily Democratic districts (like Nancy Pelosi’s in San Francisco) select just as many delegates as those in heavily … Continue reading

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Billionaires are Worse

One of the arguments for cutting taxes on the wealthy is that the government does harmful things with the money like giving it to social justice warriors, so its loss is a good thing. But funding gender studies departments has gotta … Continue reading

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