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Don’t Believe This Fake News About America’s Government Owned Oil And Gas Resources

Zoltan Istvan, a Libertarian candidate for governor of California, claimed in a podcast on The Stark Truth that the federal government owns lands worth “around 150 trillion dollars.” Listening to it I almost instantly knew it was BS. With America’s … Continue reading

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*The Complacent Class*

I had high hopes for The Complacent Class,(Hereafter, TCC) the recently released book by Tyler Cowen. The book might be seen as the third in a series of books by Cowen beginning with The Great Stagnation, which is about the technological … Continue reading

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Felons and Labor Force Participation

How hard is it for a felon(or “ex-felon,” they retain the title after their release, indeed, many were never incarcerated in the first place) to get a job? There’s no clear answer, but the effect seems to be considerable, going … Continue reading

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The Soviet Prosperity Argument

You often hear, from libertarian types and others, that America has never been richer, never been safer, never has it had so little poverty. Nothing to worry about, they say, all the doomer-type rhetoric from the far-Left and the far-Right … Continue reading

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The Decline of Male Labor Force Participation

I don’t think it has much to do with wages. Wages have stagnated, but they haven’t gone down. And keep in mind that the rising costs of education and healthcare aren’t going to be borne by uneducated young men. If … Continue reading

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Celebrity Butchers

This is the slightly edited version of a comment I wrote in response to this National Review article by cuckservative Kevin Williamson. Williamson writes: It may be the case that nothing in this world is truly unlimited, but one thing … Continue reading

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*How Asia Works*

How Asia Works is a book by Joe Studwell which contrasts the successful development of capitalist Northeast Asia(Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan) with the “paper tigers” of capitalist Southeast Asia(Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines). He doesn’t analyze India, the middle East, … Continue reading

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