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The Latest Nonsense from of Washington D.C.

From the Washington Post: When James-Dean earned the scholarship, she enrolled at Central Texas College, which has a satellite campus in the District.  On school days, she wakes up at 4:15 a.m. to take the Metro from Rockville to her … Continue reading

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Yale Professor Makes Midterm Optional Because of Trump’s Victory, Lies About It

Via MR, Yale Economics professor Steven Berry claims that the notion of college kids as “snowflakes” is a media myth. He bases it on his experience teaching one class at one university, but his Microeconomics class is no doubt perfectly … Continue reading

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Are High School Girls Better At Math Than High School Boys?

Wendy Morrison and Grace Finley in AEI question whether this is true. We know there are significantly more boys among the top scorers, but is this true on average? Their first suggestion about why it may not be, high scoring boys … Continue reading

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“Approached Expectations”

Most states separate the students who fail to meet the expectations into two categories, Washington DC separates them into three. Via Amren: I wonder if the kids who “approached expectations,” scoring higher than at least 85% of the school, received … Continue reading

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Getting the Message

“Don’t major in history or the social sciences.” That’s what many members of the college-bound younger generation hear, alongside such advice as “don’t do drugs” and “don’t get a girl pregnant.” We seem to be getting the message. The College … Continue reading

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Computer Science in High School

I took a computer science course in high school. Plain old computer science, not AP computer science. Midway through the course I was doing a presentation and asked the class to create a program to print the numbers between 1 and … Continue reading

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Today my professor lectured the class about cheating, which he said was very common on our last homework assignment. He said this is why employers use tests for programming, they know people can cheat their way through college. Indeed, it is … Continue reading

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