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Women in Tech and the Marketing Economy

Recent years have seen a lot of attention given to the “problem” of not enough women and URMs in technology. Part of this is no doubt a result of the general strengthening of political correctness which followed the Obama reelection but … Continue reading

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Why Feminists Want “Affirmative Consent”

“Affirmative consent” reminds me of the talks my preschool teacher would have with the class. “Don’t play with someone else’s toy unless they give you permission first,” ect. “Consent” seems to me like something which ought to be very simple … Continue reading

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Porn Star Accused of Rape

James Deen, a porn star who is supposedly beloved by female fans, was recently accused of rape by a porn star named “Stoya,” who he used to “date.” The story is quite funny in the Laughing at the Burning of … Continue reading

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The Gender Ratio at Elite Universities

57% of college students are female. This is often cited as a cause of the “hook up culture.” I used the USNew’s list of universities by ranking and the data supplied by them to create this list of top universities … Continue reading

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The Myth of the Man Deficit, a Refutation of John Birger’s “Date-onomics”

Much of social science consists of making theories of whether Event A causes Event B. It can be hard to prove, and hard to disprove, these causalities. But the first step any social scientist should make if he is going … Continue reading

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“Grey Rape” i.e “Regret is Rape,”

A writer named “Tove K Danovich” wrote an article in Aeon Magazine titled “Was I Raped.” In the article Danovich describes being “raped,” yet, she can’t decide whether or not it was really rape. And we are supposed to accept … Continue reading

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Other Space: a Review

This is a review of Other Space, a TV Show produced by Yahoo Screen. Or rather it’s a review of the first episode, since I don’t want to waste my time watching the whole show. Other Space is supposed to … Continue reading

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