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Changing My Mind About Race and IQ

Changing one’s mind is something everyone likes in theory, though much fewer actually do, when on the internet a pundit tells you about how he changed his mind about something, it will likely be a tale of a long ago … Continue reading

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Piagatian Conservation

Conservation refers to the ability to recognize that quantities, number, volume, mass, ect, do not change when superficial changes are made, such as when water is poured from one glass into another. Conservation, the theory goes, develop somewhere between the ages … Continue reading

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Are High School Girls Better At Math Than High School Boys?

Wendy Morrison and Grace Finley in AEI question whether this is true. We know there are significantly more boys among the top scorers, but is this true on average? Their first suggestion about why it may not be, high scoring boys … Continue reading

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Lynn+ Database of National IQs

Research student David Becker has gathered together Richard Lynn’s IQ data, along with additional studies, into a conveniently accessible spreadsheet, listing all the IQs found along with the age of participants, N, date conducted, ect. I created this map from … Continue reading

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*How Asia Works*

How Asia Works is a book by Joe Studwell which contrasts the successful development of capitalist Northeast Asia(Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan) with the “paper tigers” of capitalist Southeast Asia(Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines). He doesn’t analyze India, the middle East, … Continue reading

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Homophobia is No Mystery

A few years ago Jayman wrote a blog post titled “A Gay Germ? Is Homophobia a Clue?“, referring to Greg Cochran’s gay germ theory. Recently, he tweeted about it, among other people, I responded: @JayMan471 No reason to overthink it. … Continue reading

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A critique of ‘The Myth of American Meritocracy’

I never believed Ron Unz’s Myth of American Meritocracy article and am alarmed by the number of people across the alt-Right who cite it uncritically. It was cited recently in an article by Anatoly Karlin and was cited uncritically by Kevin MacDonald … Continue reading

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