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*Locked In*

Locked In is a book by John F. Pfaff, a Professor of Law at Fordham, subtitled “the True Causes of Mass Incarceration and How to Achieve Real Reform.” In Locked In, Pfaff critiques the current “criminal justice reform” movement, pointing … Continue reading

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The War on Drugs isn’t Going to Stop

Opposition to the war on drugs is a fashionable opinion among the intelligentsia at present. To some, this means its end is inevitable. But the intelligentsia also went through a long period of opposition to capitalism. But, thankfully, reality and … Continue reading

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The Black Market for Marijuana Still Exists Where it Has Been Legalized

An article at the Atlantic reports that the black market for marijuana still exists in states where it has been legalized. Along with the usual anti-White lies, the article attributes the black market to the high taxes on marijuana in the … Continue reading

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Vox on Teenagers

Vox☭ has an article about the behavior of today’s teenagers, which it contrasts with the behavior of yesteryears teenagers. Today’s teens, my generation, are less likely to have sex, do drugs, drink alcohol, and fight. The article doesn’t really propose … Continue reading

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Who Uses Which Illegal Drugs?

Liberals commonly claim that the races use illegal drugs at the same rate, some have even claimed that Whites are more likely to use illegal drugs. This is based on self report studies. A much more reliable method of estimating … Continue reading

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Native American Death Rates

After Case and Deaton’s findings that death rates for middle aged Whites increased many people noted that death rates for other races have continued to decline. I noticed, and pointed out on Steve Sailer’s blog, that death rates increased for … Continue reading

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Drug Related Death Rates for Whites Have Greatly Increased, Now Far Exceed Those of Blacks

White death rates are in the news lately. A blogger named Sendil pointed out that death rates are up for Whites aged 25-34, this in addition to Case and Deaton’s findings on higher death rates for middle aged Whites. Using the same … Continue reading

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