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Libertarianism, Fraud, and Under-Regulation

Libertarians, with the exception of the most loony “anarcho-capitalists,” recognize that the government should prevent theft and fraud. “Your right to swing your fist,” they say, “ends where my nose begins.” But they ignore how often this type of situation … Continue reading

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The Age Dependency Ratio in Six Countries

The age dependency ratio is the population of those over 64 compared to those aged 15-64. It is often used to demonstrating aging and the economic problems it causes. Here, I graph the ratio of working age people, those who … Continue reading

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The Unamendable Senate

If America were to move to a proportional system one problem which would be raised would be the Senate. Article Five of the U.S Constitution states: The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose … Continue reading

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Why I Support Proportional Representation

I’m not much of a fan of democracy, yet the alternatives, absolute monarchy, oligarchy, or dictatorship, seem to be worse. The main problem with absolute monarchy is an incompetent might succeed, and the main problem with dictatorship or oligarchy is … Continue reading

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“Grey Rape” i.e “Regret is Rape,”

A writer named “Tove K Danovich” wrote an article in Aeon Magazine titled “Was I Raped.” In the article Danovich describes being “raped,” yet, she can’t decide whether or not it was really rape. And we are supposed to accept … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Donald Trump and the GOP Establishment

Britain has the same first past the post system as America, yet it has serious third parties like the Green Party and UKIP. However, there have only been a few primary elections in the UK and those have only been … Continue reading

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Abortion and the “Mainstream” Right.

Lion has a good point about Abortion: I personally am mystified by why white people put being anti-abortion over other more important issues. It’s not like anyone is being forced to have an abortion. I can see why SWPLs/bobos are … Continue reading

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