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Jim Geraghty on “Doomsday Conservatives”

National Review published an article yesterday by cuckservative Jim Geraughty bemoaning Trump supporters, who he says are “doomsday conservatives” since they have a realistic perspective on race. It wouldn’t be a National Review article without at least one factual inaccuracy, one which probably will … Continue reading

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Japan and America: Ageing and Workforces

Back in August I posted “The Age Dependency Ratio in Six Countries,” which pointed out that despite Japan’s more aged population it had a higher employment to total population ratio. This post is a more in depth comparison. In terms of … Continue reading

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The Age Dependency Ratio in Six Countries

The age dependency ratio is the population of those over 64 compared to those aged 15-64. It is often used to demonstrating aging and the economic problems it causes. Here, I graph the ratio of working age people, those who … Continue reading

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Predictions for the Future of America, Part 2: Race and Culture

Part 1: The Economy If a society 1000 years ago had encouraged promiscuity, single motherhood, effeminacy in the men, “transgenderism,” very low fertility rates, abortion for any reason, use of female soldiers in combat, welfare payments which disincentivize work, dysgenic … Continue reading

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Will Money be Banned?

From 1990 until the present day the crime rate in Sweden changed little, the murder rate, the most reliable of crime statistics, has increased slightly.(Wikipedia, 2015) Throughout that time, the proportion of immigrants in Sweden has continually increased. Of the … Continue reading

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