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*The Land is Full*

The Land is Full, written by Israeli academic Alon Tal, makes the argument that Israel ought to cease its high rate of population growth. It is an interesting book, I was especially interested in the analysis of the demographic effect … Continue reading

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Who Could Have Predicted This?

The Jewish Daily Forward details how the Bnei Menashe, a group of people from India’s easternmost states who are converting to Judaism and who claim, against genetic evidence, to be descended from the “lost tribes,” have adapted to life in Israel: … Continue reading

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The Likely Persistence of a White Majority?

An article by Richard Alba in the liberal American Prospect claims that the Census Bureau’s data on the inevitability of a White minority is flawed. Alba points out that they make the unrealistic assumption that none of the children from White … Continue reading

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Meritocracy: Weyl Analysis on the Publicly Available Harvard Phonebook

In her critique of Ron Unz’s Myth of American Meritocracy article, Nurit Baytch noted that: (…)Using the same methodology on the Harvard alumni directory that enabled me to reproduce Unz’s result that Jews represent 6-7% of NMS semifinalists in the … Continue reading

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Ron Unz to run for Harvard’s “Board of Overseers”

Ron Unz has put together a slate of candidates to run for Harvards’ Board of Overseers, a group which is elected by Harvard alumni. It includes himself, three other people who oppose affirmative action, and Ralph Nader. Their main selling point is … Continue reading

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From The Archives

From the Montgomery Herald, October 6 1963: Alabama’s Department of Education has ruled against the inclusion of a novel about a romance between a White woman and a Black man in the English high school curriculum because it feared it could … Continue reading

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The Billionaire and the Workers

The following dialogue was inspired by a story, not too uncommon, about two groups, quite different, who are united by a common cause, or so one wants the other to believe. Billionaire: “Workers! You must strike, you are being exploited … Continue reading

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