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Homophobia is No Mystery

A few years ago Jayman wrote a blog post titled “A Gay Germ? Is Homophobia a Clue?“, referring to Greg Cochran’s gay germ theory. Recently, he tweeted about it, among other people, I responded: @JayMan471 No reason to overthink it. … Continue reading

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Transgenderism: From Joke to Dogma

It was not long ago that one could make a joke out of the idea of transgenderism without being a Bigot. Referring to Black Republican and convicted shoptlifter Claude Allen, Black writer Trey Ellis wrote the following in the Huffington Post: … Continue reading

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The Cause of Homosexuality

Greg Cochran has a hypothesis that male homosexuality is caused by some type of pathogen. There’s no direct evidence for this, but he points out that the other explanations, the “gay gene,” mutational pressure, advantages in females, ect, don’t make … Continue reading

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Homosexual Marriage and the “Mainstream” Right

The supreme court ruled today that homosexual marriage is now a “constitutional right.” We all saw it coming. This post is about how the official right, mainstream right, neocon right or whatever you want to call it will respond. Above … Continue reading

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Homosexual Marriage: why my generation supports it.

I am a college student. Why does my generation so overwhelmingly support homosexual marriage? Part of it is the fact that we are very impressionable and the media tells us we are bigots if we oppose it. But this isn’t … Continue reading

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