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Trump Should Keep Talking About Israel

The American swing voter, overwhelming, sympathizes with Israel rather than with the Palestinians. Yet, he also doesn’t like to hear about Israel. Why? He knows why American politicians talk about Israel. Hearing about it reminds him of his impotence in … Continue reading

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*The Remnants of War*

This book by John Mueller, published in 2004, posits that war: “is merely an idea, an institution, like dueling or slavery, that has been grafted onto human existence. It is not a trick of fate, a thunderbolt from hell, a … Continue reading

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*The Land is Full*

The Land is Full, written by Israeli academic Alon Tal, makes the argument that Israel ought to cease its high rate of population growth. It is an interesting book, I was especially interested in the analysis of the demographic effect … Continue reading

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Who Could Have Predicted This?

The Jewish Daily Forward details how the Bnei Menashe, a group of people from India’s easternmost states who are converting to Judaism and who claim, against genetic evidence, to be descended from the “lost tribes,” have adapted to life in Israel: … Continue reading

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From The Archives

From the Montgomery Herald, October 6 1963: Alabama’s Department of Education has ruled against the inclusion of a novel about a romance between a White woman and a Black man in the English high school curriculum because it feared it could … Continue reading

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The “Higher Standard” Argument and Israel

Supporters of Israel and it’s actions often make an argument that those who criticize Israel apply a higher standard to it than they do to other countries and unfairly “single it out” for criticism. For instance, neoconservative Jew Charles Krauthammer wrote … Continue reading

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