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Liveblogging the 3rd Republican Debate

I never had a high opinion of Bozo the Clown i.e. Trump. I still think he’s unlikely to actually win. At the end, the delegate acquisition process if mightily confusing and thus vulnerable to establishment dirty tricks. And with the … Continue reading

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Gender Gaps in Behavior by Race

Suppose you have two populations: A and B. In population A, 2 percent of the boys and 1 percent of the girls get suspended from school. In population B, 20 percent of the boys get suspended compared to 10 percent of the … Continue reading

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Jim Webb, Democrat Fossil, Drops Out

Jim Webb announced today that he is dropping out of the Democratic primary. I recently watched the Democratic debate and I was like “what the heck is that guy doing up there?” I’m sure to some it was a “blast … Continue reading

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Wild Animals Losing Their Fear of Humans

As I was walking outside today there was a squirrel that didn’t flee or react as I walked next to it. That shouldn’t happen, I thought. Animals evolved to fear humans because we used to be very dangerous creatures. But … Continue reading

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Regression to the Mean

Here’s a thought experiment. Randomly pick two White individuals who have IQs of 140. They marry and have children. What is the adult IQ of their children? Research on the heritability of adult intelligence generally find the following pattern: genetics … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Idiotic Comment from the GOP’s Affirmative Action Candidate

By which I mean Ben Carson, not Carly Fiorina. Carson is more personally likable and unlike Fiorina his non-political career wasn’t a complete failure. But the bottom line is that he has no experience and, unlike the other inexperienced clown Donald … Continue reading

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Response to “Closing the Black-White IQ Gap Debate, Part I” by Chanda Chisala

Chanda Chisala wrote an article in the Unz Review claiming to have falsified racial hereditarianism. Chisala bases his claim on the lack of “regression to the mean” seen in African immigrants to the UK. This lack of regression to the … Continue reading

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