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Automation: Why It Will Be Different

In the early 1800s, most people were employed in agriculture. Gradually, agriculture went from employing most people to employing ~2% of the population. No mass unemployment resulted. Similarly, advanced nations have seen employment in industry decline as production increases, again … Continue reading

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The Problem in Turkey Isn’t “Islamism”

The problem with Turkey isn’t really “Islamism” or any ideology that is outright anti-democratic. The ruling AKP is more similar to the Christian Right in America than it is to the Wahhabi fanatics we normally associate with the word “Islamist.” … Continue reading

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Who Could Have Predicted This?

The Jewish Daily Forward details how the Bnei Menashe, a group of people from India’s easternmost states who are converting to Judaism and who claim, against genetic evidence, to be descended from the “lost tribes,” have adapted to life in Israel: … Continue reading

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The War on Drugs isn’t Going to Stop

Opposition to the war on drugs is a fashionable opinion among the intelligentsia at present. To some, this means its end is inevitable. But the intelligentsia also went through a long period of opposition to capitalism. But, thankfully, reality and … Continue reading

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