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If Trump Loses, Don’t Blame NeverTrumpers for Sitting It Out

If Kasich, Bush, or another of the cuckervatives runs, it may be prudent to, in the course of convincing people to vote against them, blame them for Hillary Clinton’s presidency. Point out how both of them got on that stage, … Continue reading

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Kyle Smith, Fraudster

Recently a millennial Yelp employee named “Talia Jane” wrote a bizarre letter to Yelp’s CEO whining about her low salary. Yet, however bad the letter was, this ‘conservative’ reaction was worse. NY Post writer Kyle Smith has no sympathy for … Continue reading

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Billionaires are Worse

One of the arguments for cutting taxes on the wealthy is that the government does harmful things with the money like giving it to social justice warriors, so its loss is a good thing. But funding gender studies departments has gotta … Continue reading

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Honesty in National Review

I’ve commented before about National Review’s dishonesty, today they published a quite revealing article about “conservatism.” In response to the frequent question “what has conservatism ever done for us,” cuckservative Charles C Cooke lists many achievements. Among them was a … Continue reading

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Charles Krauthammer on “magic promises”

A National Review article by neocon Charles Krauthammer decries Trump and Sanders for promising ‘magic’ with no plan to deliver it. He points to Sanders’ promises of free stuff and Trump’s promises on trade. Of course, he wouldn’t say the same … Continue reading

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National Review Rediscovers Sexual Morality

National Review published a symposium dedicated to Trump, you can read the entire issue online here. It’s mostly the typical Trump-bashing but one opinion stood out, that of Russel Moore, a pro-immigration “social conservative.” It attacks Trump for changing his mind on … Continue reading

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The Hilarity of Sarah Palin’s Endorsement of Trump

An article in National Review by Charles C Cooke bemoans the endorsement, criticizing both Palin and Trump as displaying a merger of politics and entertainment. He has a point, Palin is at best of average intelligence and Trump is a … Continue reading

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