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Retiring the ‘alt-Right’ label

It was a good label while it lasted, short and to the point. But unfortunately, being a “big tent” label proved to be its undoing, as the nutter branch, with eager help from the MSM, has seized the label for … Continue reading

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Yale Professor Makes Midterm Optional Because of Trump’s Victory, Lies About It

Via MR, Yale Economics professor Steven Berry claims that the notion of college kids as “snowflakes” is a media myth. He bases it on his experience teaching one class at one university, but his Microeconomics class is no doubt perfectly … Continue reading

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The White Gender Gap By State

Mapped is the White gender gap for the states where CNN has exit polls. The measurement I used was the percentage of White females who voted for Trump divided by the percentage of White males who voted for Trump. I created … Continue reading

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The Burden of Proof and Automation

A debate at the Soho Forum between Robin Hanson and Bryan Caplan was held on the subject of whether robots will eliminate most of the jobs. Hanson argued for, Caplan argued against. Here is the video: Starting at minute 18:00, … Continue reading

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The Big Stories: Exist Polls in 2016

Polls Here. The media’s big story is about education, Trump lost College graduates(who Romney won) and won non-college graduates, who Romney lost. The reason is the media is emphasizing this is obvious, it’s a “subtle” way of implying Trump voters … Continue reading

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Will the Libertarians Learn This Time?

The Libertarians have long claimed that if only they had media access and status as a major party, they’d be able to win. They are fans of using a few questions on polls to claim that everyone who scores as … Continue reading

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