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The Soviet Prosperity Argument

You often hear, from libertarian types and others, that America has never been richer, never been safer, never has it had so little poverty. Nothing to worry about, they say, all the doomer-type rhetoric from the far-Left and the far-Right … Continue reading

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If Trump Loses, Don’t Blame NeverTrumpers for Sitting It Out

If Kasich, Bush, or another of the cuckervatives runs, it may be prudent to, in the course of convincing people to vote against them, blame them for Hillary Clinton’s presidency. Point out how both of them got on that stage, … Continue reading

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Piagatian Conservation

Conservation refers to the ability to recognize that quantities, number, volume, mass, ect, do not change when superficial changes are made, such as when water is poured from one glass into another. Conservation, the theory goes, develop somewhere between the ages … Continue reading

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Matt Furie Abases Himself

Matt Furie, creator of Pepe the Frog, and his publisher Fantabooks recently released a statement complaining about the alt-Right’s appropriation of his creation: Fantagraphics Books and Matt Furie, the creator of the eternally chill comic book character Pepe the Frog, … Continue reading

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*The Land is Full*

The Land is Full, written by Israeli academic Alon Tal, makes the argument that Israel ought to cease its high rate of population growth. It is an interesting book, I was especially interested in the analysis of the demographic effect … Continue reading

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The Decline of Male Labor Force Participation

I don’t think it has much to do with wages. Wages have stagnated, but they haven’t gone down. And keep in mind that the rising costs of education and healthcare aren’t going to be borne by uneducated young men. If … Continue reading

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TV Shows I’ve Watched Recently

[Spoilers Follow] Colony is about the aftermath of a successful alien occupation, the aliens set up a collaborationist administration in Los Angeles. There is a “resistance” which engages in seemingly pointless small scale bombings, though its hinted that there’s something … Continue reading

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