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The Burden of Proof and Automation

A debate at the Soho Forum between Robin Hanson and Bryan Caplan was held on the subject of whether robots will eliminate most of the jobs. Hanson argued for, Caplan argued against. Here is the video: Starting at minute 18:00, … Continue reading

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Celebrity Butchers

This is the slightly edited version of a comment I wrote in response to this National Review article by cuckservative Kevin Williamson. Williamson writes: It may be the case that nothing in this world is truly unlimited, but one thing … Continue reading

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Automation: Why It Will Be Different

In the early 1800s, most people were employed in agriculture. Gradually, agriculture went from employing most people to employing ~2% of the population. No mass unemployment resulted. Similarly, advanced nations have seen employment in industry decline as production increases, again … Continue reading

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Today my professor lectured the class about cheating, which he said was very common on our last homework assignment. He said this is why employers use tests for programming, they know people can cheat their way through college. Indeed, it is … Continue reading

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Women in Tech and the Marketing Economy

Recent years have seen a lot of attention given to the “problem” of not enough women and URMs in technology. Part of this is no doubt a result of the general strengthening of political correctness which followed the Obama reelection but … Continue reading

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Lie Detection

We have “lie detectors” now but they are unreliable and border on pseudoscience.(McInnes, 2015) But what if in the future someone creates a brain scan lie detector that is 99.95% accurate? I’m not saying this is going to happen. If it did, it … Continue reading

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Will Money be Banned?

From 1990 until the present day the crime rate in Sweden changed little, the murder rate, the most reliable of crime statistics, has increased slightly.(Wikipedia, 2015) Throughout that time, the proportion of immigrants in Sweden has continually increased. Of the … Continue reading

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