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The Life Expectancy of Musicians

The Washington Post “Wonkblog” recently displayed the following life expectancy graph: Those life expectancies are at African levels. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll, stay away kids! But then I remembered Lion’s rule of thumb: If something sounds too unbelievable to … Continue reading

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Kasich as a spoiler for Trump?

I keep hearing people say that Kasich is a “spoiler” for Trump. That would be true if Cruz’s goal was to win the most votes, but that’s not his goal. His path to the nomination is to deny Trump the … Continue reading

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Conservatives Do Not Care About the Constitution

This article in the Neocon Review is insane even by NR standards. Missouri has a program to use recycled tires to “rubberize” school playgrounds. This does not apply to religious schools, because why would it? But according to author David … Continue reading

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