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Predictions for the Future of America, Part 2: Race and Culture

Part 1: The Economy If a society 1000 years ago had encouraged promiscuity, single motherhood, effeminacy in the men, “transgenderism,” very low fertility rates, abortion for any reason, use of female soldiers in combat, welfare payments which disincentivize work, dysgenic … Continue reading

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Predictions for the Future of America, Part 1: The Economy

The key thing to understand about the economy in the next few decades is that it will increasingly resemble a post scarcity economy. In the past, things like food, housing, medical care, ect were scarce. There is no real scarcity of … Continue reading

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Basic Income

I work at value a prole value creation job.(I’m a college student) I don’t support a basic income because I think that most(maybe all) of the workers there(mostly proles with a few students) would quit working and just live off … Continue reading

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Kevin Williamson’s Hypocritical Attack on the Left

Kevin D Williamson is a neoconservative writer for the National Review.(It’s the Neocon Review to many people on the internet) He wrote an article today that is a good example of the utter hypocrisy of neoconservatism. I encourage readers to … Continue reading

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How Ethnocentrism Could Evolve

Everyone can agree that ethnocentrism exists. Is it a natural, evolved feeling? Was it selected for in the past? Gregory Cochran says no. In 2012 he wrote a blog post titled “Your country’s not your blood.” He wrote: I have to … Continue reading

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Do low income Republicans “vote against their interests?”

Leftists often claim that low income Republicans “vote against their interests.” It is assumed by them that “interests” means only economic interests, sometimes they explicitly use the phrase “economic interests.” And it is assumed that this is irrational behavior. If … Continue reading

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Demographics of the American Media Elite

How much truth is it to the belief that Jews have a large, even dominating amount of control over Hollywood and the American media? In this post I attempt to quantify the ethnic balance of power by counting and then graphing … Continue reading

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