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Porn Star Accused of Rape

James Deen, a porn star who is supposedly beloved by female fans, was recently accused of rape by a porn star named “Stoya,” who he used to “date.” The story is quite funny in the Laughing at the Burning of … Continue reading

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Global Warming in the Washington Post

Global warming has been an issue that has never really interested me very much. Absent major technological advancement it’s not like anything is going to be done about it. The Left loves to talk about it but has no real … Continue reading

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Who Uses Which Illegal Drugs?

Liberals commonly claim that the races use illegal drugs at the same rate, some have even claimed that Whites are more likely to use illegal drugs. This is based on self report studies. A much more reliable method of estimating … Continue reading

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Idiocy in the Wall Street Journal

A front page Wall Street Journal article about “demographics” analyzes age and it’s effects on national economies, effects of “demographics” on economies seems to only refer to age in the “respectable” press. The article follows the general Wall Street Journal formula … Continue reading

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Native American Death Rates

After Case and Deaton’s findings that death rates for middle aged Whites increased many people noted that death rates for other races have continued to decline. I noticed, and pointed out on Steve Sailer’s blog, that death rates increased for … Continue reading

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Drug Related Death Rates for Whites Have Greatly Increased, Now Far Exceed Those of Blacks

White death rates are in the news lately. A blogger named Sendil pointed out that death rates are up for Whites aged 25-34, this in addition to Case and Deaton’s findings on higher death rates for middle aged Whites. Using the same … Continue reading

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Cuckservative Ideas About Education

Josh Gelernter recently published an article in the National Review; the article is typical neocon/cuckservative nonsense about race and education. The article claims that the GOP should not “give up” on Black and Hispanic voters in the cities and should appeal to … Continue reading

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