The Billionaire and the Workers

The following dialogue was inspired by a story, not too uncommon, about two groups, quite different, who are united by a common cause, or so one wants the other to believe.

  1. Billionaire: “Workers! You must strike, you are being exploited by those billionaire fat cats. They pay you low wages, you have no health insurance…”
  2. Workers: “But, sir, aren’t you also a billionaire?”
  3. Billionaire: “Well, yes, I have been very fortunate, but unlike the fat cats who are exploiting you I have a social conscience.”
  4. Workers: “But we know people who work in your factory, they say you pay them even less than we are paid.”
  5. Billionaire: “Well, that’s exactly what the exploiters want us to do to, they want us to turn on one another.”
  6. Workers: “But, with all due respect, you are not one of us.”
  7. Billionaire: “I am like an honorary worker, I can tell you the other billionaires, they don’t want me in their country club. Now, what reason would I have to support your cause other than support of social justice?”
  8. Workers: “Well, the factory we work in is in competition with yours. If a strike shuts down our factory, you would financially benefit.”

Right now, some of the workers are at the fourth statement. But someday they may reach the end.


Nathan Guttman and Britta Lokting, Can Jews Back ‘Black Lives Matter’ and Be Pro-Israel?, Forward, December 21, 2015 21, 2015

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