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2015 in Review

This blog, started in June, has had over 7,600 pageviews for 2015, not that impressive by internet standards. However, I like to think I attract I higher quality of reader than most, with the Unz Review, Lion of the Blogosphere, and Marginal … Continue reading

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A prediction

I have mixed feelings about marijuana legalization. I used to support it for libertarian reasons,(I used to lean somewhat libertarian) but I don’t have any inherent objection to government prohibition of dangerous drugs, certainly I want the government to continue … Continue reading

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Predictions for the Future of America, Part 2: Race and Culture

Part 1: The Economy If a society 1000 years ago had encouraged promiscuity, single motherhood, effeminacy in the men, “transgenderism,” very low fertility rates, abortion for any reason, use of female soldiers in combat, welfare payments which disincentivize work, dysgenic … Continue reading

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Predictions for the Future of America, Part 1: The Economy

The key thing to understand about the economy in the next few decades is that it will increasingly resemble a post scarcity economy. In the past, things like food, housing, medical care, ect were scarce. There is no real scarcity of … Continue reading

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Lie Detection

We have “lie detectors” now but they are unreliable and border on pseudoscience.(McInnes, 2015) But what if in the future someone creates a brain scan lie detector that is 99.95% accurate? I’m not saying this is going to happen. If it did, it … Continue reading

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Other Space: a Review

This is a review of Other Space, a TV Show produced by Yahoo Screen. Or rather it’s a review of the first episode, since I don’t want to waste my time watching the whole show. Other Space is supposed to … Continue reading

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Homosexual Marriage and the “Mainstream” Right

The supreme court ruled today that homosexual marriage is now a “constitutional right.” We all saw it coming. This post is about how the official right, mainstream right, neocon right or whatever you want to call it will respond. Above … Continue reading

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