The “Higher Standard” Argument and Israel

Supporters of Israel and it’s actions often make an argument that those who criticize Israel apply a higher standard to it than they do to other countries and unfairly “single it out” for criticism. For instance, neoconservative Jew Charles Krauthammer wrote that:

Israel is the world’s only Jewish state. To apply to the state of the Jews a double standard that you apply to none other, to judge one people in a way you judge no other, to single out that one people for condemnation and isolation – is to engage in a gross act of discrimination. ”

And discrimination against Jews has a name. It’s called anti-Semitism.(Krauthammer, 2014)

It is true that Israel is “singled out” for criticism, but it is not true that critics of Israel apply this standard to “no other country.” They would apply it to White countries as well as Israel, it’s just that no White country behaves as Israel does. Apartheid South Africa could have made the same argument that Krauthammer and his fellow neocons make today, pointing out how their country was singled out for criticism and boycott. As with Israel today there were many other contemporary countries whose ‘human rights violations’ could be compared to South Africa: the Soviet Union, China, Iran, Israel itself and many other African countries.

The left has no problem with ethnic nationalism, so long as the ethnic nationalists are not White. If it is an arbitrary decision to include Jews in the group that is forbidden to have ethnic nationalism, it is just as arbitrary a decision to exclude them. Most of those who support ethnic nationalism in Israel would condemn it in America or any other White country. Like it’s critics, most of the Jewish supporters of Israel do not apply any universal standard to the question of whether ethnic nationalism is morally right. They have just as much of a double standard as do most of the anti-Zionists.

Furthermore, more attention is payed to Israel because of the hypocrisy of the American Jewish community. As a group, Jews have been on the forefront of promoting antiracism, multiculturalism and other left wing ideologies in White countries. This is not a “conspiracy theory,” rather it’s something that they see as a matter of pride and as evidence of the moral superiority of their people. At the same time they do this they promote ethnic nationalism for Jews in Israel.

If the town discovers that the local baptist minister, well known for his fiery condemnations of sexual immorality, has been cheating on his wife, it is likely to be a much bigger deal than if it is discovered that any random guy in the town is doing the same thing. Is this “unfair?” No, it’s called condemning hypocrisy.

With this in mind, it is entirely justified for people to pay more attention to the Israel and Palestine than to Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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One Response to The “Higher Standard” Argument and Israel

  1. Ilya says:

    I think one can divide critics of Israel into a few categories. One of these categories consists of people who outright hate and envy Israel, and they would come up with any rationalization to criticize it, on even aspects that are minor. Sadly, they are quite the dominant majority of so-called “enlightened” critics.

    *Possibly*, you are not in that category. Let me go further, then. In a sense, what you are writing is correct. The policy of near-universal multiculturalism are long-term bad for any society that practices it, unless said society is so backwards, underdeveloped, and uncompetitive that it’s desirable for it to be taken over by a few outsiders who could steer it towards survival (as a society, and not a bunch of dysfunctional apes; see most Africa). The latter, however, is still not multiculturalism in the liberal-progressive sense.

    Having said that, let me note that shame for multiculturalism-for-its-sake ought to reside with the so-called “co-ethnics.” Possibly, in your case, these are the “Whites” (although I’ve always been under impression that they never, ever presented a unified front in this “genetic interest” sense, save for some marginalized groups.) I seriously doubt that you can build a cohesive society on vague things like “genetic interests.” There was a heated debate on Cochran’s post titled “Your country is not your blood” on this very topic, so I don’t want to focus on it further. “Genetic interests” is silly, as applied on macro-scale.

    What you need is a sensible system of principles, a deep culture that strives for something somewhat abstract and very long-term, where civility in thought and action is not a mere talking point, but an aspiration that permeates the fabric of society. Naked multiculturalism, at least in its rotten form, won’t have a chance.

    Also, another point: Israel was founded on two principles by the early Zionists, among whom many were secular:
    1) Survival of Jews (in this they meant both genetics and culture).
    2) Democracy (that’s still not multiculturalism, if your people are the majority).

    Nowadays, Israel is facing a tough choice. There is a divergence between its people: those, who have mostly evolved from point 1), and they nowadays even embrace a very pro-Jewish, essentially religious and expansionist doctrine; and the ones who stuck with 2) have tended to evolve into a classically virulent strain of multiculturalism-as-the-end-in-itself. Among native Israelis, the latter tend to be mostly from the most educated, Westernized elite of the society. Also, many Jews who think like the latter, if they are not wealthy/well-established in Israel, tend to (or at least, want to) leave Israel, and tend to have low fertility.

    There are many Jews in the West nowadays who are also facing a choice between being pro-Israel and following the prevailing dogmas, no matter how obscene and long-term suicidal. It’s even tougher for many of them, in a sense, because they live in a foreign country, which many of them genuinely consider their native home. Which makes it hard for them to stick to Israel’s interests. And the assimilation of secular Jews in Western countries is a process that very much erodes the very identity of Jewishness in the West (save for the Orthodox communities).

    But deep down, Jews are more consistent in their pro-Jewish, pro-Israel orientation than the American middle/upper classes about preserving the “old” America. In the US, there never was a true threat that the next wave of different-thinking immigrants/invaders would destroy the society country. It’s very different for Israel. And the fathers of Israel, who sacrificed tremendously — most, if not *all* of them — if they saw what’s going on today and if they *had* to choose between a theocracy run by Jews and a secular multicultural mayhem where Jews are marginalized again, would choose the former over the latter (albeit with a heavy heart).

    Again, I wrote all of this, because I’m giving you the benefit of doubt, that you are not simply one of the people rationalizing their jealousy for Israel and Jews.


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