Kasich as a spoiler for Trump?

I keep hearing people say that Kasich is a “spoiler” for Trump. That would be true if Cruz’s goal was to win the most votes, but that’s not his goal. His path to the nomination is to deny Trump the majority of delegates and then win on the second ballot. For this, the narrative has to be that Trump won only 38% of the vote and so it’s okay to steal it from him because “the majority didn’t support him.” If Kasich were to drop out, some of his voters would go to Trump, some would not vote. Thus, even though Cruz would get the majority of the benefit, it would still result in a larger proportion of the vote going to Trump. They want that proportion to be as small as possible in order to make their coup look justified. From the GOPe perspective, then, an argument can be made that Kasich staying in is beneficial.

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