The Big Stories: Exist Polls in 2016

Polls Here.

The media’s big story is about education, Trump lost College graduates(who Romney won) and won non-college graduates, who Romney lost. The reason is the media is emphasizing this is obvious, it’s a “subtle” way of implying Trump voters are stupid. Are they? Trump still won the higher income brackets while Clinton won the lower income brackets. Clinton has a lot of support among college graduates who didn’t learn much of use there and see it reflected in poor earnings. Trump does well among non-college educated but relatively wealthy small business owners. I should mention that the income data will be affected by age(Trump supporters are older) and location(Clinton supporters are more likely to live in areas of high cost of living.)

Lion mentioned Trump’s relatively good performance among minorities. For Black people, Trump did perform better than Romney or McCain, but they were both running against a Black president. He did worse among Blacks in 2016(8% of the vote) than Bush did in 2004(11% of the vote) or in 2000.(9% of the vote) Blacks may have found things to like about him, but in this election, it seems that blood is thicker than water. For Hispanics and Asians, he did slightly better, especially when you account for the number of people who voted for third parties. Still, the small increase could just be a random statistical variance rather than a trend. The lesson here is that a nationalist platform can appeal as well to Hispanics and Asians as a conservative platform can. We should definitely use the fact that Trump got more votes from minorities than Romney in our propaganda against the cuckservatives.

The other big story here is the gender/marriage gap. The gender gap itself wasn’t all that large, the difference between the percentage of men and women who voted for the Republican candidate was 8 points in 2012 and it’s 9 points now. Historically, the marriage gap has been larger than the gender gap, such that Republicans always won married women, Democrats always won single men. Not this year. In 2012, Romney won married women by 7 points and lost single men by 13 points. Now, Trump lost married women by 3 points and lost single men by just 1 point. Very important shift, assuming it’s real and not just a statistical fluke.

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