Will the Libertarians Learn This Time?

The Libertarians have long claimed that if only they had media access and status as a major party, they’d be able to win. They are fans of using a few questions on polls to claim that everyone who scores as “socially liberal and fiscally conservative” is “libertarian.” Most of these people would be considered “statists” if they ever found their way into Reason.com’s comment section. Nevertheless, there is some truth to those claims, media exposure and established party status does confer a major advantage. Still, it’s not sufficient, as Gary Johnson seemed to think in his infamous gaffe:

For an example of this, see Utah. For awhile, Johnson was approaching 15% there, and some libertarians actually thought he had a chance. Quite ironic, as it was about the last place the “cosmopolitan” libertarians who currently dominate the movement would have thought would be their stronghold.(“Cosmopolitan” libertarians are big fans of “millennials,” irreligion, and non-Whites.) In response to cuckservative Evan McMullin’s candidacy, Libertarian Party Chair Nicholas Sarwark said he is:

“an unremarkable Capitol Hill staffer with no purpose other than to split the Gary Johnson vote in the mountain West and assist in electing the Democrat for President.”

HE’S TAKING JOHNSON’S VOTES! But despite being an “unremarkable Capitol Hill staffer” with no party backing him up, no position in most national polls, a fraction of the LP’s funding, and a fraction of the media coverage that was given to Johnson and the LP, McMullin has surged in Utah, tearing into Johnson’s vote share:

Their problem is simple, their ideology just isn’t popular, not in Utah and not in the rest of the country. Will they learn this time? Almost certainly not.

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