If Trump Loses, Don’t Blame NeverTrumpers for Sitting It Out

If Kasich, Bush, or another of the cuckervatives runs, it may be prudent to, in the course of convincing people to vote against them, blame them for Hillary Clinton’s presidency. Point out how both of them got on that stage, made a promise to support the nominee, and refused to keep it.

But we shouldn’t default to that argument because:

  1. It (probably) isn’t true.
  2. It’s what the NeverTrumpers want in that they want to believe that there’s a large group of ‘Republican’, ‘conservative’ voters who agree with them, large enough to sway an election.

It appears that Republicans rallied behind Trump just as they did for candidates past. Outside of Utah, there is no large group of ordinary people who identify as Republicans and who will vote against Trump. If he loses, it will be because of independent voters. Rather than making the point that treasonous #NeverTrump cuckservatives cost Trump the election, we should point out that the vast majority of Republicans did vote for Trump, and the views of the politicians, talking heads, and intellectuals of #NeverTrump are servery misaligned with the conservative Republicans they claim to speak for. This is the argument that NeverTrumpers fear most.

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