Lynn+ Database of National IQs

Research student David Becker has gathered together Richard Lynn’s IQ data, along with additional studies, into a conveniently accessible spreadsheet, listing all the IQs found along with the age of participants, N, date conducted, ect. I created this map from the data:

Some of these data points only have only one or two studies cited, so each individual data point should be taken with a grain of salt. Bolivia’s IQ is notably higher than you’d think, that is the result of a single study. Syria’s African-like IQ is a result of two studies. More interesting are the low IQ of Romania(86, with 4 studies) and the very low IQ of Nepal.(68, with 5 studies) Bangladesh, at 75.5(with 4 studies), is also approaching the sub-Saharan level. If African countries consistently score 15 or so points lower than Asian countries of comparable poverty, that would be strong evidence for the hereditarian position, but this is apparently not the case.

See James Thompson on how to contact Becker if you think you could add to the database.

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