Abortion uber alles

There’s a big argument over at National Review about the correct attitude toward’s single mothers. NR writer Heather McDonald decries “normalization” of single motherhood, while most of the commenters disagree. There is much talk of using culture or government policy to disincentivize single motherhood. Yet in all these conversations, it’s always “how do we get them to be in traditional families. No one suggests another alternative, for them to not have any children at all. Why? Because opposition to abortion has to come before everything. Abortion uber alles. To oppose abortion, they feel that they must celebrate having and raising children.

Lots of people do not want to have any children but end up doing so because of birth control failure. The government should provide free sterilizations and free birth control to everyone, with a focus on long term methods of birth control. Saying that everyone can afford it misses the point, like trying to solve our crime problems by saying “no one needs to commit crime.” We should also assure that we’re not paying people to have children. We can’t stop welfare* payments to people with families, instead we should increase them for non-parents. This would have certain negative effects, you’d see workforce participation drop and some people would cut their work hours. This may not be a bad thing, the remaining workforce would see demand for their labor rise. But the long term eugenic effects would be decidedly positive.

The best part of it is that the Left could agree to it. They get their short term goal, we get our long term goal. But it won’t happen, because social conservatives would be afraid it would lead to more abortions. For a while now, social conservatives, with their emphasis on God and opposition to promiscuity, have been the only political force with a worldview different from dominant Leftism. But not anymore, with the rise of Trump. Hopefully it stays that way.

*A term of inexact meaning. Some of the National Review commenters have even called social security benefits welfare, that Leftist propaganda has worked well. Yet few would call public school welfare, despite the fact that it costs a lot of money, it’s an entitlement, and lots of people get it without paying a cent in taxes.


Heather MacDonald, In Normalizing Single Motherhood, Rubio Echoes the Democratic Party’s Worldview, National Review, February 22 2016 http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/431728/marco-rubio-single-mothers-south-carolina-speech-normalized-it

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