Maybe They Were Reading My Blog…

Almost a month ago I wrote a blog post about the San Bernardino attack, noting two witnesses who said they saw “three White men” at the scene, one who supposedly saw them carrying out the massacre. I asked why the mainstream media didn’t investigate it. But today ABC News published an article about it. They contacted one of the witnesses, Sally Abdelmageed, who said she “knows what she saw.” The FBI has not ruled out a third shooter.

The article doesn’t mention that Abdelmageed didn’t just see three shooters, she saw three White male shooters. But it’s entirely possible that Abdelmageed would have thought that Malik was a man:


Maybe ABC news investigated the subject because they read about it in my blog? More seriously, maybe they read about it in other right-wing websites they would never admit to reading.


Allan Lengel and James Gordon Meek, Unanswered Questions: FBI Hasn’t Ruled Out 3rd Militant in San Bernardino Killings, ABC News, February 18 2016

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