Honesty in National Review

I’ve commented before about National Review’s dishonesty, today they published a quite revealing article about “conservatism.” In response to the frequent question “what has conservatism ever done for us,” cuckservative Charles C Cooke lists many achievements. Among them was a “much lower minimum wage.” This is an admission of the fact that the minimum wage has, when inflation is accounted for, declined. From 1956 to 1984, the wage was higher than it is now in inflation adjusted dollars, peaking at 10.69$ in 1968.

It’s not something I would have expected them to cite. Their argument against the minimum wage is that the economy can’t afford it pay it. Yet in the 1970s, when we had much lower productivity and more intrusive economic policies that they say are bad for the economy, it could afford to pay a higher minimum wage. Maybe it can now? Or maybe the policies they favor, mass immigration and “free” trade, hold down the wages of American workers?

That people are asking “what has conservatism ever done for us” might be a clue that they are not ideological conservatives in the strict sense. Cooke simply assumes that they are and then marvels at them for not being able to able to “see it.” A “much lower” minimum wage, like other economically conservative policies, is a quite unpopular. A majority of Republicans favor a higher minimum wage, according to Pew.


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