Rejecting the Suit

I’m currently dealing some BS in my real life. Can’t tell you about it and it would bore you anyway, but the root of it is something that I’ve observed about my generation.

In the past, people rejected the suit. They said, “I don’t want to waste my life sitting at a desk. I want to be a writer! A musician! Live simply!” Some did it for anti-corporate reasons. Obama described rejecting the White man’s suit to be a community organizer in Dreams from My Father.

The dream of being a musician, a writer, a political activist, that’s stronger than ever, a major aspect of SWPLdom. But it’s no longer “rejecting the suit” because you can’t reject something that has not been offered to you. The days when you could place a degree on the table and expect a decent job, those days are over. You’ll still likely get one, but there’s no guarantee. Resume matters a lot.

In the past, you rejected the suit. Today, the suit rejects you.

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