Charles Krauthammer on “magic promises”

A National Review article by neocon Charles Krauthammer decries Trump and Sanders for promising ‘magic’ with no plan to deliver it. He points to Sanders’ promises of free stuff and Trump’s promises on trade. Of course, he wouldn’t say the same thing about the politicians he favors who make such promises as 4 or 5 percent GDP growth or say “we’re going to defeat ISIS with no ground troops,” or, even worse, “we’re going to defeat ISIS with ground troops.”

On the vague promises, he has half a point. I find it frustrating that the world seems to be divided between those who think ‘socialism’ never works and those who think it will always work, as easy as flipping a switch.(unless it’s not true socialism, like in Russia, China, Cuba…..) Outsmarting capitalism isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible either, as Japan clearly demonstrates.

The first step toward solving any problem is recognizing that there is a problem. That’s why Trump and Sanders are doing well and ¡Jeb! isn’t. Neocons refuse to recognize either inequality or trade as problems. 1% getting richer? Let’s give them a tax cut! Jobs going oversees? Trade deficit? Let’s have a new “free” trade agreement!

National Review cuckservative Kevin Williamson mocks Trump for his solution of “hiring the best people.” Did Kennedy know a thing about engineering when he proposed the moon landing? No. He got people who did to do it, and it worked.

Americans are smart and America is a rich country. Krauthammer mocks the idea of ‘free’ healthcare and ‘free’ college, apparently unaware that European countries with GDPs lower than America can accomplish both those things. Perhaps Americans are too stupid, greedy, and corrupt to accomplish what Europe has accomplished, but at least some are proposing we try. The neocon/cuckservative ideology is an ideology based on telling the American middle class “sorry, we can’t do anything for you.” As it has little positive to offer its message is full of sound-bites and scapegoating; Krauthammer solely blames Obama for America’s economic problems, ignoring a man named George W Bush. But we will never forget what happened to America under the disastrous neocon-dominated Bush administration.

Trump 2016.


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