The Likely Persistence of a White Majority?

An article by Richard Alba in the liberal American Prospect claims that the Census Bureau’s data on the inevitability of a White minority is flawed. Alba points out that they make the unrealistic assumption that none of the children from White and non-White parents will grow up to identify as White. He claims that this leads to “the smallest possible estimate of the size of the non-Hispanic white population.” This is not correct. Alba ignores the issue of the middle-Eastern population. There is no reliable estimate of how big the middle Eastern population is. There are an estimated 3.3 million American Muslims, but a quarter of them are Black Muslims and many are from areas to the East of Iran and so are counted as “Asian.” But Muslims as recent immigrants are a very young population, with a relatively high fertility rate. How do you classify middle-Eastern Christians? Until recently they would have been identified simply as White. Remember Ralph Nader? No one ever said he was anything other than White. But perhaps the new generation of Arab Christians are going to be less likely to identify as White as part of the flight from White, especially if the census bureau introduces a “middle Eastern/North African” category.

And then there are the Jews, who are middle Eastern too. Whether the Ashkenazi Jews are “White” is a subject that can fill a few hundred comment threads, but they should be separated from Whites for the purpose of this analysis. Alba uses the term “the mainstream” frequently in his article, referring to the White-dominated mainstream that those who are partially White will assimilate into. Jews may be part of that “mainstream” now, or so the goyim think, but their great grandparents were not and their mantra is to never forget it.


Richard Alba, The Likely Persistence of a White Majority, American Prospect, Winter 2016


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  1. Lot says:

    The relevant test for “white” in my view is (1) historical peoples of Europe and the Caucuses (minus Gypsies and Lapps) (2) hispanics who could fit in in Southern Europe (3) non-Muslim groups from North Africa and the Levant (e.g., Syrian Jews and Christians) (4) high-caste Turks (who are mostly Greek and Slav).

    Jews of various sorts mostly fall into one of these groups. Persian Jews are tough case, Ethiopian and Yemani Jews are definitely not. But Ashkenazi have been in Europe for 1000+ years and heavily mixed. Another key test is whether they suffered legal disabilities in the United States. Jews are white under this test as well. In my family tree I have one Jew-Gentile marriage in the 1770’s in England and quite a few more starting in the 1870’s USA.

    I am not doing this out of an ideology, this just seems to be the working definition in Western Europe and the Anglosphere.

    For individuals who are part white, the test seems to be (1) do they identify as white (2) could they pass a member of the historic peoples of Europe.

    The census definition largely is in accord with mine, with the exception that it includes middle east Muslims. They mostly do not act white, look white, consider themselves white, or are considered white in everyday life.


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