National Review Rediscovers Sexual Morality

National Review published a symposium dedicated to Trump, you can read the entire issue online here. It’s mostly the typical Trump-bashing but one opinion stood out, that of Russel Moore, a pro-immigration “social conservative.” It attacks Trump for changing his mind on abortion, as well as “racism” and “sexism,” but also for gambling and his own personal life. I agree about the gambling. It should either be made illegal or be nationalized. Having it legal and privately owned sends the socially detrimental message that it’s okay to take advantage of people who are stupid or irrational. And for those few who win, it represents people getting something for nothing, something which conservatives tend to condemn.

The attack on his personal life is most interesting. Moore says about it:

One also cannot help but look at the personal life of the billionaire. It is not just that he has abandoned one wife after another for a younger woman, or that he has boasted about having sex with some of the “top women of the world.” It’s that he says, after all that, that he has no need to seek forgiveness.

I thought that ship had sailed. As Lion wrote a while ago:

Erik Erickson, who is some kind of head Tea Party person, has disinvited Trump from his RedState gathering because he was mean to Megyn Kelly.

I should remind people that Trump is an equal opportunity insulter and has probably been meaner to the men who appeared on The Apprentice than the women. He once made fun of a male contestant for being a virgin, but this incident was considered such a non-big-deal that I can’t even find any evidence of it from searching Google. Women are supposed to be equal to men and can fight in the army and become doctors and engineers, but apparently when they get insulted they need beta White Knights like Erickson to intercede for them.

By the way, if anything should give social conservatives pause, it should be that virgin thing. Trump was contributing to the current mainstream belief that only losers aren’t having premarital sex. Oh, but “social conservatives” really only care about one thing: abortion. As long as the unmarried women don’t abort their babies, the social conservatives are giddily happy.

Indeed, just look at the way Social Conservativism Inc treated Bristol Palin. After many years as a spokeswoman for “abstinence,” the unmarried Palin had a second pregnancy and National Review continued to defend her. Cuckservative David French wrote:

The Christian experience so often means trying, failing, and repenting. We don’t all fail in the same ways, but we all fail. Sometimes, we even fail to try. The grace of God gives us not just the humility to acknowledge failure and disappointment but also the resolve to face an uncertain or intimidating future. I’ve admired Bristol and the rest of her family for enduring hatred I can’t imagine confronting in my own life, and I’ve appreciated Bristol’s longstanding willingness to publicly and honestly own up to her own failings.

Despite the Left’s best efforts, Bristol has actually built a large and loyal following, people who mainly appreciate her strong voice for life. So, no, she’s not “going away.” In true Palin fashion, she’ll persevere — and if the Left doesn’t like it, they don’t have to watch.

While I understand the Christian value of forgiveness, I also understand that it has limits. Conservative christian voters tend to support tough-on-crime policies because they understand that actions must have consequences. One might think that should be the point at which they say “time to stop paying attention to her.” Apparently not.

I do wonder if Moore’s attack on Trump is ok to him because he’s “unrepentant” or if it’s ok because Trump’s a man. There is a perception across the alt-Right that the “social conservatives” hold men to a higher standard than they hold women. Because holding women to a high standard would be sexism. The result of cuckservatism is failure, and so they will fail to dissuade people from pre-marital sex. The old ways worked and the new way doesn’t.

I’ve long feared that evangelical Christians would be Trump’s undoing. These are people who take the religion stuff seriously. But, ironically, it’s the very same trend toward greater “acceptance” of what used to be considered decadence is what will make Trump more acceptable to them. To many evangelicals, so long as one Believes and opposes abortion they are acceptable. My hope is that the evangelicals who do care understand that they have no other option than to vote for Trump. Everyone else will stab them in the back.


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