The Hilarity of Sarah Palin’s Endorsement of Trump

An article in National Review by Charles C Cooke bemoans the endorsement, criticizing both Palin and Trump as displaying a merger of politics and entertainment. He has a point, Palin is at best of average intelligence and Trump is a clown, but he says nothing about who is responsible for turning her from just another unknown governor to a celebrity. As commenter “gjsmith_62” says in a comment on the NRO article, “the Cooke’s of the world will blame everyone but themselves.” Remember that next time any neocons or cuckservatives try to link Palin to Trump for the purposes of ridicule, they are the ones who are responsible for her power and if they had gotten their way in 2008 she’d be vice President today.

Palin is still popular with a lot of people on the Right. Some are ignorant but some know about her “negatives” and simply don’t care. She’s One of Us, so any attack on her, no matter how justified, just makes them like her even more as a martyr. In their defense, it’s not like they’ve had many other people to look up to, politicians who have the intelligence and qualifications to be President have been stabbing them in the back for as long as they can remember. I’m happy about Palin’s endorsement to the extent that it will help Trump.

Palin is the only governor to endorse Trump, according to Wikipedia. Perhaps this is just Palin trying to stay in the spotlight. In fact, this is what is most likely. But one can speculate that perhaps she also has honestly realized that that the interests of people like her, White, Alaskan, married mothers-of-five of average intelligence, are not being served by the modern Republican Party. This could be seen as an example of a puppet cutting her strings. In that case, good for her.


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