American Pravda: The San Bernardino Attack

There have been many conspiracy theories about events such as the Newtown Shootings and the Charlie Hebdo attacks. I generally haven’t given them much credence as they have little hard evidence supporting them. The San Bernarndino Attacks are different. There, two witnesses both say they saw “three White men” at the scene. One, a possibly Muslim women named Sally Abdelmageed, who works at the place where the attacks took place, said she witnessed the men doing the shooting. The other, a man named Juan Hernandez, said he saw them fleeing the scene in a black SUV.(the Farook’s used a Black SUV in the attacks). It’s all on video here.(note that the Infowars article’s title is inaccurate, only one witnesses said she saw shooting)

This doesn’t prove a false flag attack, there are many potential explanations for the witness’s statements. The media was reporting “three suspects” so the fact that two independent witnesses said it doesn’t prove much. They could have been crazy or desirous of fame. They may have really thought that there were three White men as the media reported and hoped to go down in history as witnesses. If Abdelmageed is Muslim she might have a reason to spread doubt about the guilt of her religious group. It’s “obstruction of justice” if she knowingly lied but it doesn’t look like she’s going to get punished. As for Hernandez, the “three White men in military fatigues” he saw may not have been the shooters. Hernandez notes that “based on the way they were driving” he thought they were the shooters but they might have been witnesses in a state of shock and fear. It’s an pretty big coincidence though, three white men in “military fatigues”(Abdelmageed described them as in “military attire”) fleeing the scene in a Black SUV.

While I think it’s rather unlikely that this is a false flag, I do think it says something about the American media that it’s been a month and a half since the attack and there’s been no further investigation into the two witnesses. If they did lie I think there is a good chance they would fess up if contacted by a major media organization now. They also might find inconsistencies in the witnesses’ statements when compared to one another. Our media is not doing its job. Imagine how they would react to this kind of occurrence, a terrorist attack where two witnesses at the scene flatly contradict the official narrative, in Russia or Saudi Arabia or China? To be sure, our government cannot be compared to those governments, but neither is it a model of truthfulness and transparency, with things like the CIA director lying under oath to congress about the existence of the NSA’s bulk collection programs.

[[Update 2/18/2016: the MSM has finally investigated and reported on the story]]



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