Native American Death Rates

After Case and Deaton’s findings that death rates for middle aged Whites increased many people noted that death rates for other races have continued to decline. I noticed, and pointed out on Steve Sailer’s blog, that death rates increased for Native Americans, a fact most people seem to have missed. The fact that Native Americans have problems with alcohol and drugs is not news but I was unaware until then that the problem seems to be getting worse.

I used CDC WONDER data to graph Native American death rates by year, age group, and cause of death.

Death rates from drug induced causes have increased(data here):

Native American Death Rates by Age Group and Year 2


Alcohol induced deaths have also increased, most dramatically among the young(data here):

Native American Death Rates by Age Group and Year 3.png

Deaths that aren’t caused by alcohol or drugs are up for some age groups, down for others(data here):

Native American Death Rates by Age Group and Year

Some of the age groups aren’t in the alcohol and drug induced graphs, this is because Native Americans are such a small population that those death rates are not statistically reliable.

Steve Sailer wrote about why it took until 2015 for people to notice the higher death rates for Whites. Among other things, he cited the fact that:

Third, and most important, there are virtually no respectable organizations that have it as part of their mission to care about the well-being of whites. In contrast, there are countless organizations scanning for statistics showing that blacks are getting a bad break. But looking out for whites is mostly a good way to wind up on the SPLC’s list of hate groups, so nobody pays much attention.

I wondered if anyone else had noticed the higher Native American death rates: I found two people who did: someone at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, an online local paper, back in 2009. The article does not mention the word “alcohol” but does mention poor eating habits. No one else in the national mainstream media seems to have noticed, the only reference to it I could find came from Wikipedia and the website of medical quack John Barron. There is much about how Native Americans have poorer health than Whites,(like this CDC press release) but none mention that the problem is, for certain age groups and for drug and alcohol related deaths, getting worse.

Perhaps someone discovered the higher death rates for Native Americans but also discovered the higher death rates for Whites and decided not to write anything about the subject. There is also the drug use angle. A major part of America’s “intelligentsia” considers the argument for drug legalization to be obvious and it’s victory inevitable. It doesn’t cause any problems for them, so what harm could it cause to others? They wouldn’t want to report that the drug problem is getting worse. Nor, if you think about it, would drug warriors who support the current(unsuccessful) drug war policies. However, it may just be that only a few people noticed.

As for why the death rates for Native Americans have increased, I really have no idea.


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