Liveblogging the 3rd Republican Debate

I never had a high opinion of Bozo the Clown i.e. Trump. I still think he’s unlikely to actually win. At the end, the delegate acquisition process if mightily confusing and thus vulnerable to establishment dirty tricks. And with the hatred cuckservatives have for Trump, they’d do it. They’d much rather have Hilary win than Trump. I could also see them throwing their support behind a socially conservative candidate like Ben Carson or Mike Cuckabee in order to stop Trump. And then after Carson or Cuckabee gets slaughtered in the general they’ll be like “see, that’s what happens when you nominate and anti-establishment candidate.”

Carson and Trump will probably attack one another. I don’t know who will win, I’m rooting of course for Trump.

8:18 “Deport ten or eleven people,” that’s Kasich’s immigration plan.

8:20 Jeb Bush is impatient. A monarchy would be much simpler.

8:23 Ted Cruz. LOL

8:23 Christie complains about two few democracies. He’ll fix the situation, presumably.

8:31 I love Trump’s response to Kasich.

8:33 Tax on “15% of GDP?” This guy is a clown.

8:35 “Three pages.” Carly’s trying to out clown the clowns.

8:39 Jeb! is attacking Rubio. Rubio wins.

8:44 Carly Fiorina has no idea what real accountability is.

8:47 “This is great television,” I imagine the TV ex’s are saying.

9:02 Politics is the art of ignoring questions. Price controls seem like a no brainer to me.

9:11 I want to hear from Trump.

9:23 I know why they stopped vocational education.

9:30 The hosts don’t even use a neutral tone anymore.

9:46 Trump didn’t answer the question. These are the time when I’m like “I told you so.”

9:50 Yeah Chris Christie! If only he weren’t such a neocon.

9:53 Most people can’t pay for cars without going into debt. The government should give us cars!

“They won’t get a cent unless a student graduates” – Kasich. That won’t lead to any perverse incentives.

9:59 I’m watching this in a public place, with people who are mostly in my generation. They loved Christie’s answer. They simply have no concept of why anyone would have a moral objection to gambling, just as they have no concept of sexual morality or moral objection to drugs.

10:01 Rand Paul: #cuckservative

10:04 Focus on the diseases. I agree. More money for medical research.

10:16 We don’t win anymore!

Debate grades(graded on performance, I don’t like most of these guys):

B: Rubio, Christie

C: Trump, Carson, Bush, Cuckabee, Fiorina, Cruz

D: Kasich, Paul

Lion says that Carson won the debate. I agree. His performance wasn’t great, but he “won” in the sense that Trump didn’t take the opportunity to attack him.

11:08 I was in a public place when I was watching the debate. When Donald Trump took credit for getting the debate shortened to 2 hours and then the moderator said it was “always” two hours the audience burst out laughing. They clearly thought it was another Donald Trump moment just like the Mark Zuckerberg thing. Trump was totally right but they didn’t know that. He’s got a reputation.

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2 Responses to Liveblogging the 3rd Republican Debate

  1. Thiago Ribeiro says:

    “moral objection to drugs.”
    I really love how moral objection to drugs never means beer and tobacco, sold by fat cats proffiting from addiction and family destruction. It is almost as if “moral objection” were the same as “money”.


    • jasonbayz says:

      “I really love how moral objection to drugs never means beer and tobacco….”

      When I referred to the lack of moral objection to drugs in my generation here is what I mean: We see a drug addict and think “wow, he’s stupid, his drug addiction is damaging his health and ruining his relationships with his friends and family, he should stop.” But we don’t see it as a moral failing of his the way an evangelical Christian might. He isn’t hurting anyone but himself, so what’s morality got to do with it?


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