People Who Think They Are Jewish

Here’s something someone wrote to the Jewish Daily Forward’s “advice column:”

I am a Jewish woman who raised her family Jewish, or so I thought. I bar mitzvahed my son and recently sent him on Birthright, after which he became interested in our ancestry and began to do some digging around. He discovered that none of my mom’s ancestors seem to be Jewish. She says we should ignore this and that she, and therefore we, are Jewish, but I nevertheless have started to feel insecure about it. If my mom is lying, and neither my father nor husband are Jewish, are we still Jewish?

The “Jewish Daily Forward” began publication in the Yiddish language in 1897 with a predictable political orientation. The modern Forward’s attitude toward intermarriage is one of acceptance, as long as someone has some Jewish ancestry they are Jewish enough for the Forward. I’ll note, also, that the article I’m quoting was published on Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath. Leftist politics receives far more attention than religion in the Forward.

I hear a lot of talk, both inside and outside the “HBD sphere,” about how with over half of Jews intermarrying in just a few generations only the Orthodox will be left. After all (1/2)^3 = 1/8 and so on. But this supposes that all those who are children of intermarriage do not identify as Jewish. What if a large portion do, and what if the American Jewish community becomes more accepting of this in the future? If more than half the children of intermarriage identify as Jewish, the population expands. It would make sense for some half-Jews to identify as Jewish, Jews are a high-income and high-status group. There is also a natural desire for identity; White identarianism is considered pathological while Jewish identarianism is celebrated.

The portion of the Jewish community that is accepting of half-Jews is universally Leftist and they will be joined by the more Leftist of the half-Jews.

Back in 2013 Lion wrote:

In the future that is only a few decades away, when people think of a “Jew,” they will not think of a wealthy person involved in Hollywood or finance, no, they will think of a poor person who wears funny clothes and has eight or even more children.

Or maybe they will think of someone who looks like them and isn’t much smarter than them(because of all the gentile genes) but who has a strong ethnic identity and the same annoying Leftist politics as the current generation of Jews.


Help! I Think My Mom Lied About Being Jewish, Jewish Daily Forward, October 3 2015

The soon-coming end of non-Orthodox Judaism, Lion of the Blogosphere, December 26 2013

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One Response to People Who Think They Are Jewish

  1. Janon says:

    I’m with Lion. Historically, most mischlings have preferred to identify with the dominant culture as you seem to. If the PC stranglehold ended and greater emphasis on assimilation to a common culture returned, I expect that even moderate leftist half-Jews would not affiliate with Judaism. In the part of flyover country where I grew up, assimilation was still the norm at the time I was a child, and most of the half and quarter Jews I knew were raised either as “no religion” or Christian. In a few decades, Jews may not be such a high status and high income group. All but the absolute wealthiest of Jews may be hit by the coming wave of automation. And hard-working Chinese and Indian immigrants are knocking hard on the door of the Ivies. If American Whites cease to accept Jews in a process of racial identity re-assertion, it’s quite possible we could end up marginalized or even forced into ghettos or some kind of reservation. If things get that bad, of course, the mischlings like you may be forced along for the ride no matter how you would choose to identify. In occupied Poland, the Nazis treated half-Jews just like full-Jews and deported them to the camps. Even in Germany, the disposition of half-Jews was deferred to the end of the war, but it’s safe to say that half-Jews could have expected at a minimum compulsory sterilization if not eventual deportation to the camps if the Nazis had won. You might want to consider that.


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