Transgenderism: From Joke to Dogma

It was not long ago that one could make a joke out of the idea of transgenderism without being a Bigot. Referring to Black Republican and convicted shoptlifter Claude Allen, Black writer Trey Ellis wrote the following in the Huffington Post:

I’ve got it. Maybe black Republicans are like transvestites? Transvestites affect a hyper-femininity, their nails are always perfect, their bags always match their shoes. In the same way, many black Republicans, it seems, affect a “hyper-whiteness,” staking out positions that even whites in the South grew out of in the Fifties.

No wonder every now and again they snap. Perhaps in Mr. Allen’s warped ideology he associated petty criminality with “blackness” and he’d been in drag so long that he longed desperately to come “home.” And remember Clarence Thomas also acted out, only in hyper-sexual ways, bragging to Anita Hill about the size of his schlong.

Mr. Allen, Justice Thomas, blackness isn’t crime, violence and sexuality. Willie Horton isn’t the sum of us. He’s just how many on your side have summed us up.

This was written in March of 2006, less than a decade ago, and without question could never be written today in the ultra-SJW Huffington Post. Just goes to show how quickly times change.

Notice that Ellis used the term “transvestite” rather than “transgender.” Google shows the evolution of the terms:




Trey Ellis, When Black Republicans Go Bad, Huffington Post, March 11 2006

Google Ngram Viewer

Google Trends

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