I watched Syfy’s Ascension miniseries, which is about a supposed “generation ship” that secretly left earth in the 1960s and is, in the present day, in the middle of it’s journey. The premise was interesting but the characters were rather boring, and the premise got rather stupid by the sixth and final episode. I can see why the show was cancelled.

The show’s creator said that “Ascension will explore how technology has evolved on the ship and the way morality is still rooted in an early ’60s, pre-Civil Rights Act view [of] humanity.” Yet the question of race was never brought up on the ship even though there is a Black man as the sip’s Executive Officer, and the people there seem much more promiscuous and class-obsessed* than moderns do today. Perhaps the writers imagine that the pre-civil rights era was more promiscuous and class-obsessed than society today.

*Of course they, like us, don’t use the word “class.”

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  1. TWS says:

    Worst series ever. If M. Night Shamalan makes better scifi, you know it’s bad. I lived through the sixties. Even if they staffed the ship with nothing but free love hippies (who wouldn’t have been around when the ship was supposed to have launched) they wouldn’t have been that promiscuous, stupid, and status obsessed.

    How did people supposedly selected for their intellect and achievement turn out to be such dunderheads?

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